Scout Builds Walking Track for Eagle Project

When students at Eden Elementary School play outside, it’s not always ideal. In fact, after a good rain, the playground area can get pretty muddy, leaving the children with limited space to play. What they have really needed at the school is a paved walking track to give the kids a safe, useful place to exercise.

Of course, the cost and complication of building something like a walking track can be prohibitive.

That’s where Scout Jonathan K. enters the story. The Daily Home shared an article about how the young man was looking for a worthwhile Eagle Scout project, something that would last the community for a long time and make a positive impact.

Scout Builds Walking Track for Eagle Project
Scout Jonathan K. shares his plan for the walking track. (photo: David Atchison/The Daily Home)

Jonathan decided that he wanted to build a walking track at the elementary school, and he approached the local school board with his proposal in May of 2015.

The board granted him permission to move forward with his plans, but not everyone was completely sure he would be successful.

“I did think it was rather a lofty goal, but you can never count a Boy Scout out,” said Superintendent Dr. Michael Barber.

It took a lot of work, but after multiple pancake breakfasts, yard sales, donation requests, and a host of fundraising activities, Jonathan and his team of Scouts and others raised the $12,175 needed to install the walking track at the elementary school.

“On behalf of the school board, we want to thank Jonathan,” Barber said. “What a huge accomplishment. This is something that the school and community will enjoy for years to come.”

Eden Principal Laurie Funderburg also expressed gratitude that the school is the recipient of the new walking track.

“It’s a wonderful legacy,” she said, adding that the marathon club and other students will be able to make great use of the walking track. “It does fill a need for us.”

To learn more about Jonathan’s walking track Eagle Scout project, be sure to read the full article in The Daily Home.

To learn more about how Eagle Scouts help to improve their communities through service, read the Baylor University study, “Eagle Scouts: Merit Beyond the Badge.”


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