Scout Creates Rest Spot at Scenic Overlook for Eagle Project

Those who hike the Carriage Trail are familiar with the Canyon Lookout scenic overlook portion of the trail, but in recent years, portions of the trail leading up to the scenic overlook had been dotted with invasive plant species.

Scout Creates Rest Spot at Scenic Overlook for Eagle Project
Carrying a bench to the scenic overlook (Photo: Redlands Daily Facts)

The Redlands Daily Facts shared the story of how Scout Andrew F. saw that as an opportunity to help improve the trail area leading to the scenic overlook. He organized a crew to help with clearing the access trail of invasive plants.

Also, to improve the experience for those wanting to stop and enjoy the scenic overlook, Andrew F. and his crew of Scouts and Venturers installed a durable bench. To get the bench to the top of the Canyon Lookout, the team had to hike in with the bench and all of the tools for installation.

Andrew also installed an interpretive sign at the spot to help tell the history of the Carriage Trail and Canyon Lookout.

Originally, back in the 1890s, the Canyon Lookout site was a part of the Carriage Trail that had been built by two brothers, Albert K. and Alfred H. Smiley. The trail had been used as a road so that guests who were staying at the Smileys’ Canyon Crest Park could travel into San Timoteo Canyon.

Since the introduction of the Carriage Trail, which got its name from the horse carriages that traveled on it, farmers, hikers, and horseback riders have all used it regularly.

Andrew’s Eagle Scout project at the scenic overlook joins several other Eagle Scout projects in the same area. Those projects include signs, trail barriers, a storage shed, and an amphitheater at the San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary.

Be sure to read the full story about Andrew’s Eagle Scout project in the Redlands Daily Facts.

To see more information about how Eagle Scouts impact their communities, check out the Baylor University Study, “Eagle Scouts: Merit Beyond the Badge.”


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