Scout Helps Doberman Rescue Group for Eagle Project

When some people think of Doberman Pinschers, they might have in mind what they’ve seen in movies and TV – security dogs that patrol the grounds of the mansions of the rich and powerful.

Of course, some of these dogs don’t lead such glamorous lives. In fact, Doberman Pinschers sometimes need a little help, which is why organizations like Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus exist.

Scout Tyler M. knows firsthand how important dog rescue organizations can be. The volunteers of the Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus organization were responsible for rescuing Tyler’s dog, Bear.

If you’re counting the animals so far, we have dogs, Bear (who is also a dog), and now an Eagle.

Scout Helps Doberman Rescue Group for Eagle Project
Scout Tyler M. helped a dog rescue group for his Eagle project. (photo: Daily Herald).

The Daily Herald shared the story of how Tyler earned his Eagle project by helping the Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus organization. He wanted to give back to the volunteers that had helped his dog, and so he put together a plan that would help provide the rescue organization with basic items such as food, beds, and pet supplies.

He worked with other Scouts to source donations from local businesses and collect a number of supplies, including several materials that Scouts used to construct 25 elevated dog beds.

Tyler also wanted to focus on helping the environment by using recycled items in his project. He collected donated T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other supplies that were used to create 150 dog toys, 15 sweatshirt beds, and several cat tents.

As a final part of the Eagle Scout project, Tyler and a team of Scouts helped answer questions and support activities at a pet adoption day hosted by the Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus organization.

To read more about Tyler’s Eagle Scout project, be sure to read the full article in the Daily Herald.

To learn more about how Eagle Scouts like Tyler help to impact their communities in positive ways, read the Baylor University Study, “Eagle Scouts: Merit Beyond the Badge.”


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