Scout Keeps His Cool Saving Neighbor’s House from Fire

Ryan showing where the fire erupted Sunday, Aug. 9 (photo via Kiii News)

When a fire breaks out, time is of the essence. Knowing how to respond quickly and responsibly can be a challenge for anyone – but with Boy Scout training, it’s second nature.

When a fire erupted at an Ashland, Texas, home on Sunday, August 9, one Boy Scout didn’t hesitate before bolting into action.

Boy Scout Ryan L. zipped to his next-door-neighbor’s house after a passerby alerted him of smoke and flames just steps away from his home.

In fact, the Scout sped over so quickly, he didn’t even spare a second to strap on shoes before rushing to the scene.

Ryan sharing his fire-fighting story with Kiii News  (Photo via Kiii News)
Ryan sharing his fire-fighting story with Kiii News (Photo via Kiii News)

Ryan told Kiii News he immediately grabbed a hose and began showering the flames alongside his neighbors house. Ryan was able to isolate the fire, preventing damage to his neighbor’s nearby car.

And he did it just in time, too. Ryan controlled the fire long enough before local firefighters arrived. With much of the fire quelled by their arrival, the firefighters coached Ryan in fighting the remaining flames.

The most exciting part of Ryan’s fire-fighting experience? Telling his troop, of course.

The Scout explained he was looking forward to telling the story at his Boy Scout meeting the same afternoon. He hopes to share his story with younger Scouts so that they can learn from his experience, too.

Watch Kiii News’ video below to see Ryan’s fire-fighting skills in action. South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend


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