Scout Supports SWAT Team with Eagle Project

When it came time to do his Eagle Scout project, Scout Brady J. knew that he wanted to do something that would have lasting impact. He’d seen the impressive results of the many Eagle Scout projects that had come before in his Scout troop, and he took that as a challenge.

“I wanted to do something big that would stay around for a long time, and I wanted to do something different,” he said.

The Lewisville Leader shared the story of how, in researching project ideas, Brady talked with a number of individuals. One of them suggested the possibility of providing a breaching structure for the local police department’s SWAT team. This would be a structure the SWAT team could use to practice breaking down doors and windows and other entry tactics.

Of course, creating such a structure that could stand up to the punishment of SWAT team maneuvers would be a real challenge, but it was one Brady wasn’t afraid to tackle.

He went to work raising the money to purchase a shipping container that would serve as the basic structure.

He also partnered with the police department’s master welders who would help installing bars and other key elements to the shipping container to make it representative of what the SWAT team might encounter in real-world scenarios.

Scout Supports SWAT Team with Eagle Project
Police officers inspect the SWAT team breaching structure. (photo: Lewisville Leader)

“This is a tremendous asset and training tool that will repeatedly aid in our training and using our new APC for safely breaching structures,” said Lewisville police officer and SWAT team member Butch Steinle. “We can safely pull windows from structures while behind armored cover, and this donation physically allows us to train for that.”

For more information on Brady’s project, be sure to read the full article in the Lewisville Leader.

For more information on how Eagle Scouts make a positive impact in their communities, see the Baylor University Study, “Eagle Scouts: Merit Beyond the Badge.”



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