Scout Tackles Vandalism for Eagle Project

A Scout is Clean, so when Scout Caleb W. saw that a local park had suffered vandalism, he knew he’d found a worthy Eagle Scout project.

Scout tackles vandalism for Eagle project
Vandalism at a park. (Photo credit: Stephanie Buckner, Cleveland Advocate)

The Cleveland Advocate shares the story of how Caleb pulled together a team of other Scouts to help clean up the local park, remove the graffiti and other marks of vandalism, and make improvements to the area so that neighborhood children could enjoy playing there again.

Graffiti and other damage to some of the park areas had made what was once a lovely park in this Texas town into an ugly eyesore. Caleb and his team of Scouts worked hard, cleaning up the vandalism and doing some landscaping for the park to return it to its former grandeur as a green space for all in the town to enjoy.

Scout tackles vandalism for Eagle project
Scout Caleb W. cleaned graffiti and made improvements to a local park. (Photo credit: Stephanie Buckner, Cleveland Advocate)

“The park is greatly improved,” Caleb’s mother told the Cleveland Advocate. “The boys worked seamlessly. I am hoping the community will take pride in the clean up because it is a really beautiful green space.”

See the full story in the Cleveland Advocate.

To learn more about how Eagle Scouts like Caleb help to make a difference and improve their communities, see the Baylor University study “Eagle Scouts: Merit Beyond the Badge.”



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