Scout Training in Action: Quick Thinking Saves Life

Alrick Johnson (left) saved Brandon Nasta (right) from choking. (Photo: Lourdes de la Mata-Little)

Alrick Johnson proves the Scout theme true: Prepared. For Life.™

Years after his training as a Boy Scout, Alrick was prepared to save the life of co-worker Brandon Nasta who began choking while on break. The men, who insert ads in the Miami Herald before distribution, are employees of Goodwill Industries in South Florida. After Nasta began to panic and stopped breathing, Johnson’s training kicked in.

“I was stacking papers on the carts and I noticed he threw his hands up, and I started paying attention,” Johnson told WSVN.

Three swift abdominal thrusts from Johnson revived Nasta and cleared his airway.

How did Johnson know what to do? He explained, “I learned it from Boy Scout Troop 601.”

His heroism is proof of the lifelong value of being a Scout. Concern for Nasta’s life snapped Johnson into action, but quick thinking, preparedness, and first-aid training helped him know what to do in this situation.

Watch WSVN’s video below or read more about the story on WSNV 7 News.
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