Scouts Now Hold a World Record for Popping Bubble Wrap!

How many Scouts does it take to set the world record for most people popping bubble wrap at one time? The magic number is 2,681.

At the Denver Area Council‘s annual Camporee, Scouts and leaders gathered to bust the record, an achievement that began with a bang of a drum and continued with the rhythmic bursting of bubble wrap. Two minutes later, bubble wrap legends had been born.

The act of popping bubble wrap is a joyous (and pretty addicting) one. Scout Mike S. equated the experience to Christmas morning.

“It’s like you’re opening up presents. It’s so awesome,” Mike explained to Guinness World Records.

The delighted Scouts more than doubled the standing record of 1,119 participants from a high school in Australia.

Guinness World Records adjudicator Michael Empiric was on sight at the event to officially deem the new record holders.

Watch the video below to see bubble wrap history being made by Scouts!

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