Scouts Save Neighborhood from Flames

Inspired by the Boy Scout slogan “do a good turn daily,” Scouts are entrenched in acts of kindness for others, big and small, without regard for anything in return. Often a small gesture or helping hand – but sometimes – a good turn can save lives. As is the case for two Scouts who instantly acted on a good turn, saving their entire community from a neighborhood fire.

While traveling through their Ardmore, Okla., neighborhood with their grandfather, brothers Trayven N., a Boy Scout, and Lyndon N., a Cub Scout, spotted a grass fire erupting in an empty lot. Wasting no time, the brothers and grandfather bolted toward a nearby water hose. They quickly filled a bucket and dashed to extinguish the growing flames.

“It could have gotten bad, and spread over to other people’s houses,” said Trayven to KTEN. “It was really scary because of all the smoke coming to your face and you really couldn’t see that much.” 

Neighbor Melissa Davis, residing in the same lot as the fire, called the fire department for assistance.

“Mrs. Gordon could have lost her house, the gas thing could have exploded, and it could have spread up to my house,” shared Davis to KTEN.

But thanks to the expedient efforts of Trayven, Lyndon and the fire department, the flames were put out before any homes were damaged. Davis says the boys are heroes to the Ardmore community. 

What’s more, Ardmore might have a future fireman on their hands. Trayven’s good turn has inspired him to be a fireman when he grows up. 

Watch the video clip below to hear the Scouts’ firsthand account of the fire and get the full story over on KTEN. – No One Gets You Closer


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