Second Earthquake Hits Nepal: Matt Moniz’s Relief Missions Ongoing

Kathmandu on May 12, 2015; Photograph by Matt Moniz

Not more than three weeks after an initial earthquake and subsequent avalanche struck Nepal, a second earthquake struck the region leaving the country reeling in despair Tuesday, May 12. Eagle Scout climber Matt Moniz blogged about his experience on National Geographic’s Adventure Blog in the aftermath of yesterday’s quake.

“While packing in Kathmandu this morning we just dodged another kinetic event on the planet and watched a building collapse before our eyes,” said Moniz. “The scene twisted my heart in ways it’s hard to comprehend, watching the already traumatized citizens of Kathmandu running through clouds of brown dust, screaming and crying, wondering why this keeps happening to them.”

With the death and injury toll rising, Moniz and his team continue to work overtime assisting with relief missions. The team organized a relief plan, ‘Nepal Relief, Building a Path to Recovery’ that is taking a grass roots approach to making a difference in the lives of those impacted by the disasters. 

To learn more, read the Eagle Scout’s firsthand account of his life-changing experiences at Everest and Kathmandu on National Geographic’s Adventure Blog


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