The 2014 Merit Badge Rankings are Out!


You’ve been dying to know and we’ve been dying to tell you – the 2014 merit badge rankings have been released! The list ranks merit badges from most to least popular according to the number of Scouts in a year earning them.

But for 2014, a new champ takes the #1. After a five year reign, First Aid was knocked out of the top spot for most-earned merit badge and Cooking is supreme. After joining the Eagle-required list in January 2014, Scouts earned a staggering 99,908 Cooking merit badges that year. First Aid didn’t drop too far, though. It fell to second place with with nearly 19,000 fewer merit badges earned versus the new winner.

Eager to find out who also tops the list? Jump over to Bryan on Scouting to see the full story, complete with merit badge analysis and all 136 badge rankings. Also, check out the Merit Badges key topics section on Scouting Newsroom for a quick reference point of these stats.


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