Three Boy Scouts Save Drowning Victim At Lake Arcadia

By Justin Dougherty, KWTV News 9


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A boy scout is never taken by surprise; he knows exactly what to do when anything unexpected happens.

A man started to call for help in the middle of the water on Lake Arcadia, three Boy Scouts were nearby and came to his rescue.

“They train us for this kind of stuff,” said Jonathan Wyckoff, 15.

Dad Mark Wyckoff said he was extremely proud of his three boys.

Jonathan was learning how to drive the boat onto the trailer on Sunday afternoon. His dad went to get the truck, that’s when he heard someone screaming for help coming from the water.

“I witnessed him sink three or four times under water and was very much struggling to stay above water,” said Mark. “I just don’t know if he had made it.”

Jonathan gave the wheel to his mom and with help from his 13-year-old brother Robby, the two grabbed a life jacket and a rope.

“Just stay calm and think what should I do?” said Robby. “Not just go and do.”

10-year-old Joshua kept a close eye on the man in the water.

The boys made it to the man just in time to toss him a life jacket and possibly saving his life.

Jonathan said he still has to pass an online test before receiving his search and rescue badge.

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