Three Brothers Awarded the Eagle Scout Rank at Court of Honor Ceremony

Liam C. and his older brothers, Christopher and Kyle, stand before their friends and family to receive the Eagle Scout rank at the same Eagle Scout Court of Honor ceremony. (Photo credit: News 12 Brooklyn)

When not one, but three Scouts from the same family are awarded the Eagle Scout honor on the same night, it’s nothing short of extraordinary considering only six percent of Scouts earn the honor. Yet Liam C. and his brothers Christopher and Kyle are a rare trio of young men who defied the odds and joined a select group who have soared to Scouting’s highest rank.

“Throughout my years in Scouting I’ve learned invaluable life lessons, ranging from survival skills to building a shelter, building a fire, to just always remembering to Be Prepared because that’s the Scout Motto,” shared Liam C. with News 12 Brooklyn.

The 17-year-old has been following the Scout Motto since he was young and was the final brother to complete the requirements to achieving Eagle Scout, which includes a service project, board of review, and earning at least 21 merit badges.

Liam’s older brothers actually finished the requirements in years past, yet Christopher and Kyle decided to wait to be recognized at an official Court of Honor until all three brothers could stand side-by-side to receive the award together.

“When I got my Eagle, I figured ‘hey we could have a ceremony with two brothers, but then right behind me he [Liam] was moving quick. All we have to do is wait an extra year or two and he’d make it. So we decided to have an Eagle ceremony for three Eagles all in the same family,” explained Kyle.

The Court of Honor was not only a unique Scouting milestone for the brothers, but it was also a special occasion for the whole family. Their mom even played a ceremonial role during the celebration, personally presenting the awards to her sons on stage.

Learn more about how these three Eagles are keeping the Scouting tradition alive in their family by visiting News 12 Brooklyn for the full story. Watch the video below to hear what the Eagles have to say about their joint ceremony and what the occasion meant to their parents.




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