Top 5 Reasons This Mom’s Son Is a Cub Scout

Cub Scouts smilingBetween Pinewood Derby racing, exploring nature in the outdoors, building friendships and learning new skills, in Cub Scouts, there’s never a shortage of adventure.

In fact, Cub Scouts are having so much fun they don’t even realize they are developing character and strengths that will last a lifetime. That’s why parents like Sherry Smothermon-Short can’t get enough of the program.

Sherry shared her top five reasons her son is in Cub Scouts on and her rationale will certainly ring true for many parents out there who have experienced the life-changing benefits of Scouting.

First, Sherry says the outdoor activities rank at the top of the list and praises how Scouting keeps her son off electronics and out in nature. Camping and hiking of course are great activities they enjoy, but Sherry says there’s much more to the program. Cub Scouts learn about plant life by building gardens, explore space with telescopes, play sports and games, visit parks, and plenty other activities that open her son up to the world.

Secondly, Sherry appreciates how Scouting teaches her son to try new things he might not otherwise look into. Cub Scouts can learn magic tricks, build robots, curate works of art and experiment with science. Scouting allows her son to explore and grow his interests that may lead to a new passion, or even career.

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