Unique Eagle Scout Project Eases Hospital Stay for Kids

A hospital can be a pretty unpleasant place for anyone who has to be there to have an illness treated. For children, the fear and discomfort associated with a hospital stay can be even worse.

Unique Eagle Scout Project Eases Hospital Stay for Kids
These devices allow child patients to go for a ride. (photo: Chattanooga News Channel 9)

Eagle Scout Logan S. of the Boy Scouts of America Cherokee Area Council wanted to find a way that kids at his local hospital, some of whom were facing serious, life-threatening illnesses, could receive a moment of fun – a chance to just be a kid.

So, to help these children, Logan and a team of volunteers he organized created more than a dozen Lily Pads. These unique devices attach to a rolling IV pole and turn the rolling pole into a ride of sorts for child patients. Because the kids are small, they’re able to stand on the Lily Pad and use the IV pole as a fun means of transportation as nurses or family members pull them around.

To learn more about these remarkable devices Logan created for his Eagle Scout project, be sure to check out the heartwarming full story on Chattanooga News Channel 9.


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