Veterinarian Receives Eagle Award After 26 Years

Dr. Andrew Silverstone is set to receive his Eagle Scout award after 26 years. (Photo Credit: the Virginian-Pilot)
Dr. Andrew Silverstone is set to receive his Eagle Scout award after 26 years. (Photo Credit: the Virginian-Pilot)

Many exciting things have happened for Dr. Andrew Silverstone since he was a Life Scout. He moved away, went to college, became an accomplished veterinarian, and opened his own practice. It wasn’t until recently, however, that Silverstone finally became an Eagle Scout at the age of 44.

Silverstone worked hard during his time as a Scout in Ohio; he diligently fulfilled all the requirements to become an Eagle but never officially earned the rank. Yet through the process, he learned to keep his goals in mind. The Virginian-Pilot shares the story of how this determined Scout reached the Eagle rank after 26 years.

The young Scout’s Eagle project even foreshadowed his future career. He had an obvious passion for animals, so he created a service project that brought pets to nursing homes in his community.

After completing his Eagle Scout project, the next step was to go before an Eagle board of review but this final task was delayed due to a requirement misunderstanding and a leadership change. As members know, to earn the Eagle rank, Scouts must complete all requirements before they turn 18. The new Scoutmaster, however, wasn’t clear on scheduling boards of review after a Scout turns 18. But by this point, Silverstone was already headed off to college to begin his next chapter.

The former Scout moved to Virginia Beach after veterinary school and although things were going well for his career, he knew he was still missing a particular accomplishment—his Eagle award.

Luckily, Silverstone’s parents had kept his Eagle paperwork for years, including all the documentation needed to verify his work as a Scout. He then reached out to the Tidewater Council to see if they could help him reach his childhood goal. An Eagle award such as this is rare, but the local council was ready to honor Silverstone with his long-awaited achievement.

“No matter when you make it, you’re in an elite club and should be recognized,” council director Rich Becker told the Virginian-Pilot.

Once his application was verified, Silverstone was granted a board of review to be conducted by his local council. His hard work will pay off on May 19 when he finally receives his Eagle Scout award.

Silverstone explained to the Virginian-Pilot how having a daughter— who happens to be a Girl Scout Brownie— has given him a new perspective.

“Now that I’m a parent, I see that things come along; and if you don’t take advantage them when they’re there, you may not get the opportunity again.”

You can read more about how Silverstone became an Eagle Scout at age 44 in the full story by the Virginian-Pilot.

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