Wake Up with Al Features Scouter’s Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

As the heat sets in, Scouters head out – to summer camp that is.

When it comes to keeping cool during the hottest month of the year, Scouts and Scouters know all the secrets. The Weather Channel’s Wake Up with Al (that’s Al Roker) took note of this when correspondent Dave Malkoff caught up with the Atlanta Area Council’s Bert Adams Scout Camp staff member Samantha Grinstead for the show’s Hot Jobs series.

The Scout-filled camp is about an hour outside of Atlanta and has already been hotter than 90 degrees for several days this summer. Grimstead really feels this heat as she stands lifeguard to Scouts immersed in the camp’s refreshing lake. But it’s all in a day’s work to keep kids safe.

Check out the feature below to hear from Grinstead on how she manages in the sun and gain tips from Safe Scouting and Youth Protection Development Director Jason Baldridge on how to battle the heat this summer. Then, after the jump, check out the BSA’s guide for appropriate water consumption for the weather you’re experiencing.

Appendix A: Heat and Humidity Chart
Appendix A: Heat and Humidity Chart


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