Watch This Scouting Family Battle It Out…With Robots on ABC!

Get ready to glue yourself to the television screen because you won’t want to miss as this Scouting family duels it out against each other on ABC’s Battle Bots this Sunday! And yes, you heard that right – the Bales family from the South Florida Council is going head-to-head in hopes of taking a robot battle win.

The Bales family, along with some really inventive friends, are designing, constructing and battling two very intricate robots on Team Mohawk and Team Hypershock. Aptly naming their robot ‘Mohawk,’ Scoutmaster Tom Bales, wife Connie Ryan, and Eagle Scout sons Greg and Max Bales built a machine classified as a crusher with piercing fire delivery nozzle. Sounds intimidating, because it looks that way – complete with a fire-emblazoned mohawk, of course.

Leading his own robot-crushing team, Eagle Scout son Will Bales is the head builder of Team Hypershock. His team’s ‘bot is a drum spinner with hydraulic grabbing arms and looks like it packs a major punch.

But which Bales’ team will take the victory and family bragging rights to last a lifetime? Find out Sunday at 9 p.m. on ABC and check out the show’s super teaser below!

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