Why Cub Scouts Are Having a Ball at Day Camp

Cub Scouts Day Camp
Cub Scouts enjoying games and activities at Native Trails Cub Scout Day Camp (photo credit: Erin Mccracken, Courier & Press)

When it comes to having enthusiasm and energy during the summer months, Cub Scouts take the cake. Mix that excitement with the chance to roll around in a giant plastic bubble, solve CSI-style mysteries and shoot arrows, and you’re guaranteed a recipe for a great time.

And that winning combination is just what the Buffalo Trace Council had in mind for more than 400 Cub Scouts attending Native Trails’ Cub Scout Day Camp at Eykamp Scout Center in Evansville, Indiana.

Themed ‘CSI forensics’, the day camp spanned three days and included fun activities such as archery, BB guns, crafts, obstacle courses, and, of course, giant plastic orbs – perfect for downhill racing. What’s more, Scouts also went home with new skills and friendships.

But of all the activities at the event, the archery station took the win for most Scout participation. For many Scouts, it was their first time picking up a bow.

“Some don’t think they can do it and then they do and you see them get excited about it,” said archery instructor Andy Wood to Courier Press. “It’s knowing they’ve done something and achieved something.”

Experience the excitement of day camp first hand by checking out the video clip below.

Catch the full story over on the Evansville Courier Press and join the fun by pledging to attend your very own day camp event on the Cub Hub.


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