Why Scouting Was the Hobby That Stuck For Her Son

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Heather’s son, Daniel, at the Blue and Gold Ceremony

Scouting moms can attest, a first grade boy can be pretty finicky. One day he and his friends have their sights set on presidency, until suddenly they all want to rocket to the moon. So when Heather’s son Daniel joined Scouting with two buddies, she didn’t know what to expect. Read on to hear how joining Scouting captured his attention like no other pursuit had done before and how it could do the same for your son.

Following a school visit from the BSA, Daniel excitedly urged his mom to attend an orientation with him – noting his two friends would be there too. And by the meeting’s end, Daniel was hooked.

Yet what started as a group decision to join Scouting soon became a choice for Daniel to make without the opinion of his friends. One of Daniel’s friends soon took to martial arts, while the other decided to dedicate his time to hockey.

Daniel could choose to follow his friends or stick with Scouting. To Heather’s surprise, her son chose Scouting.

“And I know we made the right decision,” shared Heather. “The impact this has had on our family has been amazing. Opportunities to sleep on a battleship, camp out in the wilderness, sleep on a ball field, partake in STEM activities, build, plant, learn, share, and grow are some highlights.”

Daniel’s friends motivated him to join Scouting, yet the adventures and fun activities kept him there. Earning badges, exploring the wilderness, and taking on new adventures was a no-brainer for Daniel. He loved the fun, and his mom loved the positive difference Scouting made for the family. 

Learn more about how the Scouting experience has been a success for Heather’s son by heading to her blog, Heather’s Meaningful Blog.


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