Why the BSA is Developing Next Generation Leaders in Sustainability

sustainability_coverThe Scouting principle “leave no trace” teaches Scouts to be good stewards of the environment. And while Scouts may know this to be true, others outside of the organization may not.

Such is the experience of one environmentally-minded entrepreneur who learned that Scouting is more than camping and merit badges – Scouting is building a better world for tomorrow.

Timothy J. Greiner, Co-founder and Managing Director of Pure Strategies, was pleasantly surprised to discover at the Scouts Supplier Summit that his middle school vision of Scouting wasn’t the reality of today.

In fact, he learned that the BSA has been an environmental leader for decades – even in the 1970s when earning merit badges and making friends were his biggest priorities.

Sustainability in the BSA Framework

After running into representatives from the BSA at the Summit, Greiner realized that not only had the organization built a platinum LEED-certified camp and rolled out a Sustainability Merit Badge in 2013, but it’s also weaving sustainability practices into Scouting education, leadership, and program efforts.

And the Sustainability Merit Badge is just what Greiner believes is cultivating a deep understanding of key sustainability issues for youth, ranging from water use to carbon and energy footprints to ecosystem health.

sustainability_lg“Leadership comes from many sources, and the leaders of tomorrow need to be cultivated today,” said Tim Greiner. “With the BSA’s demonstrated commitment to sustainability, I am hopeful that today’s Scouts will be well positioned to lead our communities, organizations, and businesses as they face increasingly complex sustainability challenges and opportunities – while still having fun!”

Find out what makes the Sustainability Merit Badge one of the BSA’s best teaching tools for leaders of tomorrow by checking out Tim’s full story on Sustainable Brands. You can learn more about the BSA’s sustainability initiatives by heading to


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