Why the Key 3 Is Key to Scouting

Boy Scouts of America National Key 3

Whether you are new to Scouting, a seasoned Scouter, or unfamiliar with the movement, understanding the leadership behind the BSA provides helpful insights into the mission and values of the top youth-serving organization in the nation.

What Is the Key 3?

The Key 3 is a group of three top Scouting individuals within each segment of Scouting. Actively involved at the unit, district, council, area, regional, and national level, Key 3 leaders support and serve employees and volunteers that ensure youth members get the best Scouting experience possible.

The Key 3 work together on all levels as the problem-solvers for their specific Scouting audience. Together, the Key 3 leaderships make up trios of volunteers and professionals and provide different perspectives and strengths for their segment.

At all levels, the Key 3 frequently meet in a quiet situation to discuss successes and concerns, ensuring decisions are made with the best interests of Scouts in mind. These leaders work tirelessly to align Scouting goals across the organization.

The Top Key 3

But what group of three is responsible for leading the unit, district, council, area and regional levels (the entire organization)? That would be none other than the National Key 3. Comprised of our national president, Chief Scout Executive and national commissioner, these leaders are paramount to achieving the aims of Scouting.

Currently, the National Key 3 is led by National President Dr. Robert M. Gates, National Commissioner Tico Perez and Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock.  After Brock’s official retirement date on September 30, Mike Surbaugh will take on the Chief Scout Executive role.

Learn More About BSA Key 3s

For a deeper dive into what these Scouting leaders do for each segment of Scouting, head to Bryan on Scouting.


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