Young Scientist Shares STEM Inspiration with “TIME For Kids”

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to help others using science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), who better to talk to than a STEM Scout?

That’s exactly what TIME For Kids magazine’s “kid reporter” did in a recent interview with Anjali R., a STEM Scout from Tennessee.

Anjali’s new device uses a thermography camera to assess snake bites. (Photo credit: Middle Tennessee Council)

We introduced you to Anjali back in February, right after she was dubbed Middle Tennessee Council’s STEM Scout of the Year. Unsurprisingly, the semester hasn’t even ended yet and she’s already finding new ways to share Scouting’s values and spread all-around STEM power.

Anjali, who invented a life-saving device for snake bites, opened up to TIME for Kids about her passion for science and her dream of one day becoming a geneticist or epidemiologist. She explained she’s keeping her mind open though, and for this STEM Scout, the sky is the limit!

When asked what tips she would give to other aspiring kid scientists, the ingenious inventor shared this golden piece of advice:

“Don’t give up if you don’t find a solution. Always ask the question ‘Why?’ I have always enjoyed the process of researching and finding a solution. If I fail, I will come back and try a different method. I would say to never give up and have fun!”

See what else Anjali had to say about her latest inventions, forensic science, girls in STEM, and more by reading the full interview from TIME for Kids magazine.

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