Boy Scouts of America Hires Rockwell Expert as Curator

Kanzenberg to Care for Exhibitions and Collections at National Scouting Museum

Irving, Texas (July 25, 2011)—
The Boy Scouts of America announced today it has appointed Norman Rockwell expert Corry Kanzenberg as curator of exhibitions and collections at the National Scouting Museum.

This appointment is part of the museum’s dedication to preserving the history of Norman Rockwell and the legacy of the Boy Scouts of America. In this position, Kanzenberg will organize exhibitions and oversee the care of the extensive collections featuring more than 600,000 objects related to the history of Scouting and the second-largest public collection of Norman Rockwell artwork in the world.

Kanzenberg is a noted expert in Rockwell’s work from her prior role as curator of archival collections at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. As Kanzenberg transitions into her new role as curator of exhibitions and collections, she brings her extensive knowledge of Rockwell and these historic paintings. The National Scouting Museum continues to tell the story of Rockwell and Scouting through these artifacts.

“I am deeply humbled to join the team at the National Scouting Museum, to bring to life the exhibitions and all the deep-rooted history of Norman Rockwell and of Scouting,” she said. “The history of Scouting will continue throughout the generations, and I’m excited to be a part of continuing the journey.” Kanzenberg received her undergraduate degree from the University of Hartford, where she studied art history and painting. She is completing her master’s in information and library science through Southern Connecticut State University.

Norman Rockwell is perhaps best remembered for his countless Saturday Evening Post illustrations or his numerous advertisements for such companies as Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company, and Sun-Maid Raisins. However, less well known is Rockwell’s history with the Boy Scouts of America. During his 64-year relationship with the Boy Scouts, Rockwell created 50 Brown & Bigelow Scouting calendar illustrations, plus more than 200 illustrations for Boys’ Life magazine.

About the National Scouting Museum
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