Boy Scouts of America Wins 2010 Crosman Friend of Youth Shooting Award for Support of Youth Shooting

Presented At Crosman Corporation’s International SHOT Show Reception

For the first time in its six-year history, the 2010 Crosman Friend of Youth Shooting Award was won by an organization rather than an individual. The Boy Scouts of America (BSA), celebrating its centennial this year and long known as the point-of-entry into shooting for hundreds of thousands of young people, has won the prestigious Award. It was presented tonight at the 2010 Crosman Corporation SHOT Show International Reception in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The annual Award recognizes:
“An organization or individual whose commitment to excellence in youth shooter education and dedication to a lifetime of safe shooting has enhanced the future of the sport.”

According to Ken D’Arcy, Crosman’s president and CEO, The Boy Scouts of America has touched the lives of more young shooters than almost any organization engaged with shooting today. “The key to growing our sport and maintaining it as a vital element in recreation is engaging new enthusiasts,” he said. “In shooting, young people are our future. We must all be mindful of that fact and foster the resources that encourage and retain young people in the sport of shooting.”

“Scouting does just that. The thousands of dedicated staff and volunteers teach new generations of young people a love and respect for shooting, which builds a healthy future for both the industry and our sport,” he said. “For 100 years, The Boy Scouts of America have been an active participant in training and honing the skills of eager young shooters ready to adopt shooting as a lifetime sport. There are few organizations more engaged with our sport today,” said D’Arcy.

“Scouting continues to make a significant impact on the future of the sport and the BSA is a most deserving recipient of the 2010 Crosman Friend of Youth Shooting Award. We welcome The Boy Scouts of America to Crosman’s roster of Award winners,” he concluded.

Commenting on the Award, BSA Chief Scout Executive Robert Mazzuca expressed his appreciation. “The Boy Scouts of America’s goal is to instill values in young people that prepare them to be responsible citizens. An important part of that process is teaching an appreciation and understanding of a variety of hobbies and skills through the merit badge program. In addition to a variety of other shooting programs, through our shooting merit badges alone, more than 1.3 million Scouts have gained the knowledge, skills, and discipline necessary to safely enjoy the sport.”

According to Mazzuca, “Scout Leaders understand that many young boys have a natural curiosity about guns. We want to provide Scouts with an environment where they can learn gun safety and become familiar with the different recreational opportunities available to people who enjoy shooting as a sport. We thank Crosman for recognizing our methods of educating young people about gun safety and shooting sports.

About BSA Shooting Programs

The Boy Scouts of America adheres to its longstanding policy of teaching its youth and adult members the safe, responsible, intelligent handling, care and use of firearms, airguns, and BB guns in planned, carefully managed, and supervised programs. These programs are designed to emphasize safety and marksmanship under the direction of trained range officers using nationally approved instructional methods. Shooting teaches skills, discipline, self-reliance, sportsmanship, and conservation, all of which are elements of good character.

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