Scouting Goes Mobile with the Acquisition of Scoutbook

scoutbook-and-bsa1-e1428511360401Irving, Texas (April 9, 2015) The BSA achieved a key milestone in its effort to expand its presence in the digital space with the acquisition of Scoutbook, a web application designed for mobile devices.  Scoutbook expands Scouting’s presence in the digital space and help the organization connect with it’s leaders and members when, where, and how they prefer.

Scoutbook delivers a suite of easy-to-use web-based tools that are helpful to both Scouts and unit leaders. It is a unit-management web application that will become the one-stop shop for Scouts, parents, and unit leaders to record and manage their Scouting experience. This tool will provide an easy way to track advancements, unit activities, and unit communications.

In recent years the BSA has been exploring strategies to better connect with youth in today’s highly digital world. At the same time, the organization has continued its focus on providing unit leaders with the tools, training and support they need to deliver the kind of life-changing experiences Scouting is capable of providing. The acquisition of Scoutbook delivers on both of those strategic imperatives.

“Kids today are always on the go and their communication habits and preferences reflect it,” said Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock. “More than 75 percent of U.S. children now have access to a smartphone or tablet — a statistic that points toward a significant opportunity for BSA, and one our organization proudly has seized upon. Scoutbook is our latest approach to delivering a more digital experience that is both fun and meaningful for our members.”

Shawn Jackson, a parent and active member of the Scouting community, created Scoutbook in 2013, and its membership has risen to nearly 200,000 subscribers since then.

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