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Annual Reports

2016 Annual Report

“The Boy Scouts of America remains one of the best character-building and leadership development organizations in the world. The values Scouts learn as young men — integrity, selflessness and self-reliance — are fundamental to a strong, healthy society. It’s no surprise that so many of America’s leaders, in every field of endeavor and from all walks of life, have Scouting in…

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2015 Annual Report

“Every day, and in every community in America, Scouting is changing the lives of boys and young men, teaching them skills and leadership, helping them build character and integrity. Every day, in every community, Scouting makes those communities a better place to live. We have been doing this for 105 years, and I’m confident we will do so for another…

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2014 Annual Report

“Scouting’s gift to America, it’s legacy for over a century, has been one generation after another of worthy leaders for our communities and for our country. The challenge before us here today and going forward is the same that faced our predecessors: To sustain and strengthen Scouting so that it continues to provide for America servant leaders of character, faith,…

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2013 Annual Report

“The 2013 National Jamboree was truly a historic event. There had never been a jamboree like this one—partly because there had never before been a jamboree site like the Summit Bechtel Reserve. But we’ve only seen the beginning of the Summit.” — Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock   (Click the image at left to view the contents of the 2013 BSA Annual…

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2012 Annual Report

“What I’ve realized through the years is that Eagle Scout isn’t something you earn, it ’s something you become. It gets inside you, the same way the Scouting movement gets inside our members, volunteers, and employees. Scouting isn’t something we do—it ’s something we are.”—National Commissioner Tico Perez Table of Contents

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