Adventure Science Center of Nashville Brings New Opportunities to Local STEM Scouts

July 2010 (nwbASC0316.jpg) Photo by Nathan W Berry. Adventure Science Center.
(Photo credit: Adventure Science Center of Nashville)

Adventures in science are in store for STEM Scouts of the Middle Tennessee Council. Thanks to a new partnership with the Adventure Science Center of Nashville, these young innovators will get to explore the world of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) on a new level.

The Adventure Science Center of Nashville has been engaging with families through science for more than 70 years. From its variety of interactive exhibits, to hands-on classes, the Center is an idyllic place for STEM Scouts to master exciting new skills and concepts.

The Adventure Science Center announced the partnership in a recent news release, detailing the opportunities that will be made available for Nashville STEM Scouts. Not only will the Center host STEM Scout labs; Adventure Science Center educators will lead meetings and activities!

With the help of expert guidance, youth can discover a passion for STEM through fun, hands-on experiences.

stem-scouts-copyBSA’s STEM Scouts pilot program is open to boys and girls, grades 3 through 12. Now available in 20 councils across the U.S., the program is growing at a time when young people are looking for more real-world experiences integrated into their STEM education, according to a recent report.

“Finding a way to engage students in STEM learning outside the classroom can sometimes be difficult,” said Tiffany Farmer, Ph.D., Director of Education and Community Engagement at Adventure Science Center. “Our educators are thrilled about the program. It’s an opportunity for them to share their own experiences in the STEM workplace, build relationships, and positively impact students’ abilities to retain STEM knowledge.”

To read more about this new partnership, head to the Adventure Science Center’s website for the full story.

STEM Scouts offers youth the chance to explore their interests in STEM-related fields through hands-on learning and exciting encounters with science, technology, engineering, and math. Learn more about the pilot program at


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