Confessions of a Bully: In gripping video, Cub Scout shares his lesson learned

bully-confessionsCameron Thompson isn’t a bully anymore.

The second-grader and Cub Scout in Pack 322 of California’s Inland Empire Council learned his lesson, and now he’s sharing an anti-bullying message that’s sure to resonate with your Cub Scout-age boys.

The news media have taken notice; Cameron’s positive story was on the Today Show this morning. He’s even wearing a Cub Scout T-shirt during the interview with Today.

Bullying of any kind is prohibited in Scouting. That includes verbal, physical and cyberbullying. Stories like Cameron’s remind us what happens when bullying does occur.

In a well-produced video, Cameron explains his story:

“Recently I made the wrong choice,” he said. “A boy in class brought a Barbie doll to school for show and tell. I didn’t really understand a boy bringing a doll to school, so I thought it was funny. I told some friends, and I convinced them to come make fun of him with me.”

Once teachers noticed what was happening, they stopped the bullying. But the damage was done. Cameron’s mom reprimanded him and explained why it was the wrong choice.

“My parents, church, Cub Scouts all helped me learn what good choices are. But they can’t always be there,” Cameron said. “She asked me how I would feel if someone teased me or if someone was teasing my little brother.”

Cameron wrote a letter to apologize to the boy and promised never to treat him that way again. But he didn’t stop there.

He started an anti-bullying club at school — his idea — and invited the boy he bullied to join the club with him.

“I know I wouldn’t like it, so it helped me understand how the boy would feel,” Cameron said.

Stories like these are a little difficult to watch, but they’re real. Bullying exists, but by understanding and living Scouting’s values, Scouts and Venturers learn to be friendly, courteous and kind to others.

Cameron’s video

Bullying happens online, too

Bullying doesn’t always happen face-to-face.

June is Internet Safety Month, so the timing’s right to remind your Scouts about the Cyber Chip.

Have a bully in your Scout unit?

Read Scouting magazine’s award-winning piece, “The Troop Bully,” which is full of useful tips.

Thanks to Michael Yates, marketing and development director for the Last Frontier Council, for the tip.

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