Cub Scouts Plants Seeds of Inspiration for Young Fungiculturist

Photo: Barnraiser;
Photo: Barnraiser

When you hear someone is a mushroom farmer, you probably picture a seasoned green thumb. But Te’Lario W., who mans a booming mushroom farm of his own, is only 7 years old. Where did his hobby-turned-business come from? Cub Scouts.

Te’Lario joined Cub Scouts last fall. At his pack’s first meeting, the kids planted cat grass and basil. The excitement of watching his plants grow got the Scout thinking about an even grander garden.

Since Te’Lario lives in Ohio, where winter provides a challenging environment to grow plants outside, his parents helped him find the perfect vegetable to grow indoors: mushrooms.

Now, the spare room in Te’Lario’s house is a mushroom farm, supplying produce to five local farmers markets. The young entrepreneur has also established himself as a junior brand ambassador for Back to Roots. The experience has allowed him to share the joy of growing mushrooms with all kinds of people. He’s even making news and blog posts as he cultivates the local mushroom-growing community.

We felt like this was a great story to share that started with his love for Cub Scouts and the great experiences he’s participated in,” Te’Lario’s mother LaVanya explained.

Tiger Mushrooms Farms is a family affair for Te’Lario’s parents and sister, and despite his impressive mushroom-mastering accomplishments, he’s still a normal kid. Check it out on the Good Day Columbus behind-the-scenes video below, where Te’Lario busts a move while his parents explain how the family ventured into the fungiculture world.

He’s a mini mushroom grower AND he has smoooooth moves!We loved hanging out with little Te’Lario and the whole Watkins family. They’ve turned a little cub scouts project into a full-blown business. Check out their produce at Easton’s Farmer Market!

Posted by Good Day Columbus on Wednesday, July 8, 2015


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