Race to your nearest Lowe’s for Dremel Pinewood Derby Days

dremel-pinewood-derby-kit-outsideWant to give your son an edge in your pack’s upcoming Pinewood Derby race? Head to your nearest Lowe’s for Dremel Pinewood Derby Days.

On four selected Saturdays over the next two months, your local Lowe’s store is hosting a free Pinewood Derby car clinic where you and your Scouts will learn how to make the fastest, best-looking racer your town’s ever seen.

Lowe’s is even selling Dremel’s special Pinewood Derby Car Project Kit, which includes Pinewood-specific shaping and finishing accessories for your Dremel tool. Nice.

When are the clinics?

The Dremel Pinewood Derby Days clinics will be held on these Saturdays in 2015:

  • Jan. 17
  • Jan. 31
  • Feb. 7
  • Feb. 21

The events are from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. local time.

Call your local store or ask a store associate to double-check that your local Lowe’s is hosting a Derby Days event.

What do you get for attending?

Everyone who attends the free clinic gets:

  • A how-to demonstration from Lowe’s employees about building cars and using Dremel tools
  • Step-by-step instructions for building your car at home
  • A Pinewood Derby Days patch
  • A 10-percent-off Dremel coupon, which can be applied to your entire Dremel purchase (tools, accessories and attachments)

What if I can’t attend?

Head to your local Lowe’s any time during Pinewood Derby season and look for the Dremel endcap display that says Pinewood Derby.

That’s where you’ll find Dremel accessories to use when building your car.

Greg Winters, who heads up the BSA’s licensing team, tells me there’s a secondary bonus to those Pinewood Derby displays at Lowe’s.

“It might be a chance to reconnect with alumni,” he says. “They might be walking the aisles, it reignites in them, ‘Oh my gosh, I remember Pinewood Derby when I was a kid.’ And it’s something they can do with their son or daughter.”

Log on to Dremel’s Derby Days site

The official Dremel Pinewood Derby Days site includes more info about the clinics, an interactive car designer that lets you print your plans and premade design templates.

Where else can I buy Pinewood Derby stuff?

At your local Scout Shop or at, of course. While at your Scout Shop, be sure to ask about Champ Camp on Jan. 17 or Jan. 24.

Look for Revell’s Pinewood Derby accessories

Dremel isn’t the only official licensee that sells Pinewood Derby gear.

Revell sells decals, car wraps, wheels, weights and more. Find their offerings at Michaels, Lowe’s, Tower Hobbies, and Hobby Lobby. Learn more here.

How to spot officially licensed Pinewood Derby products

It’s pretty simple: If a product says Pinewood Derby® on the label, you know it’s officially licensed by the Boy Scouts of America.


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