Eagle Scout Brotherhood Grows with Actual Brothers

There’s something special about the Eagle Scout brotherhood that includes all of the Scouts throughout history that have earned the rank of Eagle Scout, but when joining that Eagle Scout brotherhood happens for actual brothers, it’s a truly special moment.

Such was the case recently in the Boy Scouts of America Michigan Crossroads Council, where three sets of brothers were all recognized together as Eagle Scouts.

Eagle Scout Brotherhood Grows with Actual Brothers
Three sets of brothers joined the Eagle Scout brotherhood together (photo: 9&10 News)

Some of the older brothers had actually earned the Eagle Scout award a few years prior, but they waited to hold their Court of Honor. By doing so, they could be recognized with their younger brothers who had just earned the Eagle Scout award and had become part of the Eagle Scout brotherhood.

“It’s definitely a lifelong process, and it was nice to have my brother and our dad who is our Scout leader throughout that process,” says Wesley N., one of the Scouts who recently earned Eagle.

“It’s really cool having a brother with you along with all the other brothers,” said Scout Matthew B. “It kind of creates a different bond with going to Boy Scout Camp and being with each other all the time.”

Some of the Scouts at the event credited their older brothers with helping to push them to complete Eagle – either directly or just by setting a high bar. It’s the kind of sibling rivalry where everyone benefits.

Of course, the Scout leaders for the troop also played a key role in so many Scouts joining the Eagle Scout brotherhood.

“It’s great to be in Scouting with your own boys because you have so much fun with them,” said Darryl, the Scouts’ Assistant Scoutmaster. “It’s an absolute riot, but it’s not just them, you get to know their friends. It’s the highest paying job I’ve ever had because it’s an awesome experience getting to know these young men.”

To see more info on these three sets of brothers who were all recognized together as Eagle Scouts, be sure to check out the full story from 9&10 News.

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