Eagle Scout invents a device to assist in caring for Alzheimer patients

The following is a really cool story about an Eagle Scout, shared from WRCBTV.

Teen invents life saving device to help caregivers of Alzheimer patients


Alz 115-year-old New Yorker has invented a life saving system for people with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers.

Kenneth Shinozuka, who is also an Eagle Scout, grew up in a three-generation family where his grandfather suffers from Alzheimer’s.

Both of his parents are civil engineering professors, who are “committed to making structures healthier and safer.”

The teen created a wearable sensor that detects when an Alzheimer patient is walking around. He was just trying to help his aging grandfather.

Alz 2When the foot sensor detects movement, it sends a signal to a smartphone and alerts the caregiver or family member.

The device earned the teen $50,000 dollars and the Scientific American Science in Action Award.

He hopes to get the device mass produced for retail sales in the coming year. But the sensor is just one of several devices Shinozuka has designed and built, all with hopes of helping those with Alzheimer’s.

Check out Kenneth’s video of his project.

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