Eagle Scout on Expedition of a Lifetime to Antarctica

16709925972_bb9ab7ebf6_hRobert Marks is an Eagle Scout on a mission, expedition to be exact. As part of his strong commitment to protecting the environment, this adventurous Scout is en route to Antarctica for the trip of a lifetime.

Marks joins famous polar explorer and environmentalist Sir Robert Swan along with 75 other participants from 24 countries for the 2041 International Antarctica Expedition. The 13-day trip begins today in Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world, before departure to Antarctica on Sunday, March 15.

Senior at Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea, and self-proclaimed bi-coastal resident to California and Pennsylvania, the Eagle Scout is also the recipient of Scouting’s most prestigious award for distinguished service to natural resource conservation, the William T. Hornaday Award. Additionally, he is distinguished as a Silver Medal recipient.

No stranger to Scouting since joining the organization in 1998, Marks is an incredible representative for the BSA and it’s ongoing commitment to conservation and sustainability. “I am very proud to be one of the few who have earned the Silver Medal and extremely excited to be chosen to represent the Boy Scouts of America celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Hornaday Awards,” shared Marks of his recognition.”The award is important to me personally because I have chosen to dedicate my life working to save our planet’s ecosystem and the Hornaday Award represents several invaluable learning experiences and significant accomplishments.”

16528864052_d67e0c3863_bWith only a couple days left before arriving in Antarctica, Marks has high hopes for his upcoming expedition. “I’m looking forward to so many things on this trip including hiking and camping on the Antarctic ice, viewing the stars from the Southern hemisphere and seeing the wildlife, glaciers and icebergs up close,” Marks revealed. “Just as important to me, is meeting and interacting with like-minded people to learn from experts and then discuss ways to improve the environment, understand climate change and create a more sustainable world.”

Can’t get enough of this Eagle’s inspiring journey? Fear not, his adventures have only just begun! Follow him every step of the way on the Green to Deep Green blog and also on his personal travel blog.


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