Harrah Boy Scouts save dog’s life

Photo provided.
Photo provided.

A group of Boy Scouts in Harrah are being called heroes after they saved the life of a dog in Shawnee.

Last Friday, four members of Troop 65 from Harrah were camping outside a Shawnee church, when they heard a woman screaming for help.

“I started screaming for help,” said Sherri Claybrooke. “I was just beside myself because every moment was going to count.”

Claybrooke had just let her three dogs in the backyard when one named Zeke got caught in Mimi’s collar and Mimi was being choked.

Hearing the cries for help the scouts jumped the fence and jumped into action. Two ran for adult help while Zack VanZant and another worked to calm Claybrooke and help Mimi.

“I pulled out my pocket knife and you could barely get the knife blade under the collar because it was so tight,” VanZant said.

Photo from Fox 25, KOKH-TV, Oklahoma City.
Photo from Fox 25, KOKH-TV, Oklahoma City.

VanZant managed to free Mimi from the collar but she was already limp.

“I checked for a pulse and a heartbeat and breathing on Mimi and there was nothing,” VanZant said. “She had flatlined.”

Being a Boy Scout, VanZant was prepared and began to give Mimi CPR.

“I got a dog a few months ago. I was Googling how to do CPR on dogs. So I knew the basics,” he said.

Within 30 seconds Mimi started breathing again. VanZant had saved her life.

“That was probably the highlight of my life because nothing like that has ever happened to me before,” VanZant said.

The four boys will probably never receive a badge for their bravery, but knowing they saved a life will stick with them forever. Mimi is now back to her full strength and doing well. Claybrooke can’t thank the boys enough for what they did.

(The Boy Scouts of America Communications Department was not involved in the  creation of this content. By Christine VanTimmeren, Primetime Reporter, KOKH Fox 25.)

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