Hartford STEM Scouts’ Vortex Brings STEM Adventure to New Communities

bsa-vortex-ste-1-copy-2The STEM Scouts of Hartford, Conn. are one lucky group of scientific surveyors. Not only do they get to participate in cool, hands-on experiments and learn alongside STEM experts—they get to do it in a pretty sweet ride!

The Connecticut Rivers Council is one of several councils throughout the country to have a Vortex– a mobile lab where kids are encouraged to pursue passions in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). STEM Scouts Vortex labs feature all kinds of tools for exciting lessons in STEM, such as multiple smart TVs, computers, microscopes and a variety of lab equipment for fun, hands-on experiments for all ages.

experiment-stemAs Connecticut Rivers Council STEM executive Heather Shepard puts it, “the Vortex is a thirty-foot science classroom on wheels.”

STEM Scouts councils who have these vehicles roll the mobile labs through their towns and neighborhoods to deliver adventures in STEM to schools and community events, inspiring tomorrow’s STEM leaders along the way. From 3D printing to discovering new creatures under a microscope, Vortex labs offer engaging activities, sure to captivate youth of all scientific interests.

stem-vortex-copySTEM Scouts is open to boys and girls in elementary school, middle school and high school. By encouraging children to participate in STEM activities at a young age, STEM Scouts provides a great opportunity for collaboration and gives all youth a chance to become experts in a rapidly growing field.

“What STEM Scouts does is not just prepare them for STEM, but also prepares them to be a good employee and a good citizen,” said STEM educator David Mangus.

For more on the Hartford STEM Scouts, watch the video below and check out their website here. Head to to learn more about this exciting program.

Head to to learn more about this exciting program.

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