Lake Forest, Ill., troop celebrates 11 Eagle Scouts

Here’s a cool story from the Lake Forester.

Eleven eagles spotted soaring in Lake Forest

Lake Forrest Il EaglesBoy Scout Troop 46 of Lake Forest is proud to have advanced 11 Scouts to the rank of Eagle in the past 12 months. The 11 Eagle Scouts include (left to right in the picture above) Luke Staunton, Joseph Schlosser, Spens Cook, Jack White, Michael Allen, Tim Walther, Kevin Doherty, Sean Jones, Jake Widner, and Quinn Julian . The requirements to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout are rigorous and include 21 merit badges, leadership roles within the troop, and community service. It typically takes five to six years to attain the Eagle rank.

The culmination of the Eagle Scout experience is a community service project designed, managed, and executed by the Scouts and other volunteers recruited by them. Funding is also arranged by the Scouts. The beneficiaries for the 11 Eagle Scouts’ projects included churches in Lake Forest and Waukegan, Lake Forest Open Lands, Neal Math & Science Academy in North Chicago, Orphans of the Storm Animal Shelter, and the Equestrian Connection. The total number of service hours included in these projects exceeded 2,400. Eagle Scout Sean Jones noted “Working on my Eagle Project taught me a lot about leadership and giving back to the community. Lessons I learned working on my project will definitely stick with me for the rest of my life.” Another Eagle Scout added, “I’m incredibly proud to see my 11 months of service on my Eagle Project go towards bettering the lives of others.”

Scoutmaster Rich Walther commented: “It is truly amazing to see what a young man can accomplish when given the chance to lead other scouts. Our scouts exemplify the very best in citizenship and have made a positive impact in the lives of our younger scouts and the community through their Eagle Service Projects.”

Troop 46 is chartered by the First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest, and welcomes boys of all faiths. The Troop has 72 registered scouts, and has produced 198 Eagle Scouts since its founding in 1927.

Troop 46 would like to thank its many supporters over 87 year of producing tomorrow’s leaders. The Troop’s main fundraiser is a plant and yard products sale during the spring of each year, and we are appreciative of the countless members of the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff communities that have supported us over the years. The Troop is also grateful for the support of the First Presbyterian Church as its charter organization.

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