Life Scout Saves Teen Sailor After Boat Capsizes

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15-year-old Life Scout Ian B. saved a fellow teen sailor after noticing a capsized boat in poor weather conditions. (Photo credit: Danielle Beaty)

When faced with a life-threatening emergency, preparation may make all the difference. Being prepared for these situations makes it possible to act carefully, swiftly and as calmly as possible. Which is exactly what 15-year-old Life Scout Ian B. of the Tidewater Council did when he noticed a capsized boat on the Pasquotank River on September 15, 2017.

Ian was participating in a sailing program at the Northeast Academy for Aerospace and Advanced Technologies when the weather quickly became overcast and windy. The weather became so dangerous that Ian and his classmates brought the boat to shore.

Soon after docking, a capsized boat caught his eye in the distance with no visible sailor present. The sailing instructor was nearly 45 minutes away, so Ian knew he had to act fast. He dove into the water and swam 150 yards to the scene.

The Scout found 14-year-old Saige M. alongside the boat in distress with an improperly fastened life jacket. Ian correctly fastened the jacket, quickly making the struggling teen more comfortable. He then instructed Saige to float on her back while he grabbed the bow line of the boat and back strap of her jacket to tow both to shore.

The brave Life Scout was awarded the Honor Medal for his incredible lifesaving feat. Yet, to Ian, saving the struggling teen was second nature.

Simply put: “It is what a Scout does when he sees someone in trouble,” he said.

To read the full story of this Scout’s heroic efforts, visit The Outer Banks Voice.


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