Scott Lagasse Jr. drives Scout-built car to victory

Lagasse-Volusia-2014-2Jamboree Scouts and Venturers made Scott Lagasse Jr.’s car look good.

And on Saturday, Lagasse returned the favor. The Team SLR driver steered the Scout-built No. 8 Camaro to victory at Volusia Speedway Park in Florida.

In Victory Lane, he made sure to thank the Scouts who helped get him there.

Lagasse continues to get good mileage out of the car Scouts and Venturers helped build at last summer’s national jamboree. Not only did participants assemble pieces of the car (under the supervision of professionals, of course), they also signed their names on pretty much every free inch of the thing.

The win on Saturday put both Scouting and Lagasse into the spotlight, but it wasn’t easy.

On the last lap, another car hit Lagasse, but he was able to keep the car from spinning and cross the finish line before anyone else.

“This is an awesome win for us,” he said. “We all worked hard for this win tonight and I know the fans loved it. Thanks to all of the Boy Scouts who helped build ‘Lightning.’ We were a little off tonight on our adjustments but you can’t always have the fastest car or everything just the way you want it.

“Sometimes if you keep digging hard and believing, you can still succeed.”

That’s true in Scouting, too.

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