Scout Finds Unique Way to Clean the Beach for Eagle Project

People go to the beach for many reasons, but nearly everyone agrees that a clean beach is a much more enjoyable place to visit than a dirty one.

Scout Luke W. of the Boy Scouts of America South Texas Council is a beach enthusiast and aspiring Eagle Scout who wanted to find a way to do something unique with his Eagle Scout project.

He reached out to the Department of Development in Port Aransas, hoping they might have a way Luke could help. As it turned out, the Department of Development had been looking for a way to help people clean up the beaches.

Scout Finds Unique Way to Clean the Beach for Eagle Project
Making the beach a cleaner place. (photo:

They had a ready supply of trash bags made of recycled materials. These trash bags were intended to be used to clean up the beaches, but the city lacked a good distribution method to get those trash bags in the hands of the public.

Luke took a look at the situation and went to work on coming up with a solution.

“I had the idea of building a kiosk or some way to have a box right on the beach,” he said. “When you’re driving down the beach or walking on the beach you can pick one [trash bag] up on the way and keep your trash in there.”

He worked on a variety of designs for the trash bag kiosks, eventually settling on an ingenious design that allows for easy distribution of the trash bags.

After working with various city entities to select a location for the boxes, Luke and his team were able to install the boxes at two key locations on the beach.

The city now has an easy way to distribute its vast supply of trash bags to the public. They will continue to refill the boxes on a regular basis.

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