Scout Turns Love of Science into Amazing Eagle Project for School

It’s not all that uncommon for a Scout to love science. Science is, after all, a key element to a host of beloved Scouting activities from geocaching to cooking. So what happens when a Scout loves science so much that, even as he works toward Eagle, he can’t escape the pull of the scientific world?

If he’s like Scout Alex B. of the Boy Scouts of America Georgia-Carolina Council, he finds a way to combine his love of Scouting and science.

Indeed, Alex’s Eagle Scout project event sought to help spread his love of Scouting and science to an even broader group – students at local middle schools.

Scout Turns Love of Science into Amazing Eagle Project for School
Alex and the kits he built (photo: Columbia County News-Times)

His project, which is entitled “Promoting STEM in Richmond County Middle Schools” started off with an important part of many Eagle Scout projects – buy in from local officials. He met with key figures in the school district to discuss his plan. While those officials turned down Alex’s initial proposal, they also helped raise another issue of scientific need.

Undaunted, Alex refocused his Eagle Scout project and went to work designing and developing 15 electrical circuit teaching packages, which would cover all of the science teachers at two area middle schools. Within the teaching kits were a total of 525 learning kits for the students.

These learning kits each contained a battery pack, wire,  AA batteries, LEDs, and conductive and insulating doughs.

The 15 teaching kits each featured cleaning cloths, screwdrivers, mini buzzers, and flash drives which included lesson plans Alex had developed for the teachers, as well as recipes for the dough, and videos that provided instructions on how to complete different types of circuits.

The kits should make it easier for teachers to offer science instruction on circuits to their students.

To learn more about Alex’s Eagle Scout project, be sure to read the full article in the Columbia County News-Times.

To learn more about the positive impact that Scouting can have on young people like Alex, be sure to check out this article on the recent Tufts study, and watch this video:


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