Scouts Gain Perspective from Veteran’s Iwo Jima Account

World War II veteran Mahlon Fink addresses troop. (Photo: Reading Eagle’s Ben Hasty)

In an increasingly virtual-reality filled world, outdoor experiences are more valuable than ever for youth preparing to grow into well-rounded adults. Scouting delivers on this value. But troop activities can even surpass this promise by bringing Scouts face-to-face with a reality that is often warped through a smattering of video games, apps, movies, and television. This is the reality of the men and women who have protected our country through some of its most uncertain times: veterans.

Veterans give Scouts perspective that’s rarely found in popular media. As 16 Reading, PA, Scouts sat in awe of World War II veteran Mahlon Fink’s recounting of his experiences at Iwo Jima, this became clear. Fink described the historical raising of the American flag atop Mount Suribachi in 1945.

Fink told the Scouts, as reported by the Reading Eagle, “When we saw that flag being raised, ships blew their whistles and Marines had tears in their eyes.”

Learn more about what the Scouts gained from Fink’s account by checking out the full article on Reading Eagle.


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