Scout’s Quick Actions Help Save Grandmother

Being prepared is at the core of every Scout’s life. No one ever knows when they’ll be called upon to step up and help in a bad situation, but Scouts work to be sure they’re prepared for whenever something like that happens. Just such an occasion happened to 10-year-old Scout Conner W., who was spending time with his grandmother when she became dizzy and disoriented.

Scout's Quick Actions Help Save Grandmother
Scout Conner W. and his grandmother (photo: WSBT 22 News)

With his grandmother trying to stand up and being unable to do so, Conner knew what to do. Because of first aid training he had undergone as part of Scouting, he quickly grabbed her mobile phone and dialed 9-1-1.

When the 9-1-1 operator answered, Conner relayed the situation to them calmly, explaining to them that his grandmother was experiencing distress. Paramedics were dispatched immediately and arrived shortly thereafter to tend to Conner’s grandmother.

“My heart was beating fast and I was about to cry because I was scared that Nana wasn’t going to make it,” Conner said.

“I really didn’t know what was happening or what was going on and I kept trying to get up,” his grandmother said. “And the paramedic told Conner that he most likely saved my life, so I’m very grateful to him and very grateful to God that he was there.”

To learn more about this Scout’s remarkable story of being prepared to help his grandmother, be sure to see the article and video from WSBT 22 News.

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