Scouts Show Food Editor How to Craft Campout Delicacies

When it comes to cooking in the outdoors, Scouts are the wilderness’s sous chefs.

Epicurious Food Editor and blogger Matt Duckor dubs himself a “Boy Scouts dropout”. A fan of neither sleeping on the ground nor knot tying, Duckor wrote off the Scouts at the early age of 11 (his tremendous fear of bugs didn’t help). But when he found himself in queue for a work campout, who did he turn to for camping cookout lifehacks? The Scouts, of course!

Photo: Danny Kim, Epicurious

Duckor was back in the ranks he left behind when he joined Troop 19 for his piece, “Everything I Know About Camp Cooking I Learned From the Boy Scouts.” As the title suggest, when he was among Scouts ages 11 to 16, this food editor learned from the real experts of outdoor cooking.

Surprised by the troop’s lack of ceremony and abundance of unbridled love for being outside, Dukor’s focus was on the meal prep. He watched as each Scout spearheaded an individual cooking-related task, as their Scoutmaster supervised.

“But, honestly, he doesn’t have to intervene very often,” Dukor explains. “Each of the kids knows what their tasks are—and that no one eats if they don’t accomplish them.”

What really left an impression on Dukor, however, was some Scout wisdom he gained when he asked one of his temporary troop mates what he liked to cook.

“Sometimes the simplest meals are the most delicious ones,” the Scout replied.

See what the Scouts whipped up for dinner (including a Scouting favorite for dessert: brownies in orange peels), get a pretty nifty recipe for your own campouts, and read the full story on Epicurious.

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