Setting a Sustainable Example

Boy-Scouts-Sustainability-SummitI just wrapped up our 2014 Sustainability Summit and wanted to give you some highlights of what we covered the last few days.

It was a terrific experience. We had environmental experts with both national and global credentials helping us define what our next steps should be to build upon and expand our existing vision of sustainability.

We heard from experts in farming, the automotive industry, solar energy, federal government initiatives, global exploring, conservation, education. We heard about how to approach sustainability through one’s faith. We came together as one voice to move from the “initiative” stage as good stewards of the environment and make plans to put real sustainable practices into place, like the sustainable designs and operations practices of the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve near Beckley, W.V. Our experts were able to see the Summit’s sustainable innovations first hand during a tour of the site.

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