How a Former Scout Became the First Presidential Candidate for 2048

The first declared candidate for the 2048 presidential elections was a Boy Scout.

Andrew Lessig declared his candidacy for United States president in 2008, announcing his run in the 2048 race. Little did he know the commitment he was making when he filled out a two-page form to run for federal office when he was only in middle school.Lessig_candidate2

What inspired Andrew to run? He told Washington Post‘s Philip Bump his inspiration, “grew out of an education program I was doing with the Boy Scouts. I was putting on the meeting program one month and I wanted to do it on civics. I looked into it, and looked into what it actually takes to run for federal office.”

Ever the determined Scout, Andrew took to the challenge himself. He even opted to set up a committee (an option on the form). That’s what made things complicated for the 2048 presidential candidate.

“I remember getting a bunch of election law stuff from the FEC after a while and not realizing what I had gotten myself into,” he explained.

He had to write to his FEC Commissioner to terminate his presidential committee and put an end to a smattering of paperwork and fund documentation.

“I don’t want to run and fill out paperwork until 2048,” Andrew wrote. “Please Mr. Commissioner, let me cease Campaigning, and please don’t fine me for my bad paperwork.”

The committee was terminated but his candidacy remains.

Andrew, now in law school, remains steadfast you will not see him in the 2048 elections, but that doesn’t change his status until the election year. Read why he thought 2048 would be his year and how he no longer feels up to the challenge by checking out the Washington Post article.



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