This Mom Loves Scouting

Parents just seem to gravitate toward the Boy Scouts of America’s programs, giving children a chance to grow from unique youth development.

In a blog post on Rockin Mama, Caryn Bailey shares how being a Scout as a young girl sparked her desire to get her kids involved in Scouting. The results were everything this mom had hoped for.

“This fall, my son will start his third year as a Cub Scout,” Caryn says in her blog post. “Through this incredible, community-based program, my son has learned how to transform a piece of wood into a race car and how to use five gallon water bottles and pieces of plywood to create a boat that actually floats.”

Caryn shares how her son’s experiences in the Orange County Council‘s day camp translate into 5 things your son can learn in the Cub Scouts too. She even provides concrete (and pretty adorable) photo/video evidence that her son’s new skills are solid.

We’ll let you check out the list for yourself, but first we wanted to highlight this awesome Instagram video Caryn captured, where her son breaks down how to tie a square knot.

If you’re impressed by this tutorial à la Cub Scout, check out Caryn’s post 5 Things Your Son Will Learn At Cub Scout Day Camp to learn more about what your kids can gain from Scouting.


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