Why a Slice of Pizza is Rappelling a Skyscraper for Scouts

It’s not everyday you see a slice of pizza scaling the side of a 200 ft building. Yet for the sake of helping out Boy Scouts, local Louisville personalities like “Cousin Willie” and yes, a man in a pizza suit, are descending down a tower for Lincoln Heritage Council‘s “Over the Edge” event.

The fundraising event kicks off September 25 at the downtown Marriott in Louisville, KY, and will attract dozens of brave volunteers who raised at least $1,000 dollars for Scouts of the Lincoln Heritage Council.

Volunteers and corporate sponsors have a birds-eye view of the beautiful Louisville skyline, experiencing a once in a lifetime adrenaline rush that helps make Scouting a reality for 36,000 local Scouts and volunteers.

But the fun doesn’t end once these daredevils hit the ground. Scouts, friends, family and co-workers greet the rappellers at the Drop Zone with a family-friendly landing party featuring radio and television personalities.

Check out WHAS 11‘s video below to catch some footage of these thrill-seeking volunteers.

Also watch the video clip below to see how the “Over the Edge” fundraiser wrangling the likes of Batman, Superman, and a giant frog for the North Florida Council‘s Jacksonville event.


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Hayley Cordaro is a communications specialist at the Boy Scouts of America. She loves sharing inspiring success stories and uncovering new ways volunteers and employees can make the most of their Scouting experience. If you have story ideas or questions, reach out to us at