Why Career Exploration Is Fun in STEM Scouts

STEM Scouts participating in the pilot program in Knoxville, TN. (Photo via the Samoset Council)
STEM Scouts participating in the pilot program in Knoxville, TN. (Photo via the Samoset Council)

When it comes to learning about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), there’s no better way to spark kids’ interest than letting them experiment alongside industry professionals in real life laboratories. That’s why STEM Scouts is ahead of the curve in prepping kids for future careers in STEM fields.

STEM Scouts is stationed in 12 councils across the country, with the newest addition to the group reaching the Samoset Council.

By offering fun, hands-on experiences in STEM subjects, girls and boys in STEM Scouts have the opportunity to conduct experiments and explore future career opportunities with the help of teachers, STEM professionals and scientists.

Thanks to the growing STEM industry and available educational facilities in central Wisconsin, the Samoset Council qualified to take on the new program and looks forward to working with local businesses to make it a major success.

“By bringing these opportunities to kids in central Wisconsin, we can help students realize that a career in STEM can be fun,” shared Jeff Ottosen, executive director of the Samoset Council to WAUSAU Daily Herald.

Amanda Flannery, STEM coordinator for the Samoset Council, says the community’s response to the program has already exceeded the council’s expectations.

“This is exciting. Kids just love it,” said Flannery. “Helping youngsters find excitement in STEM at an early age will give them a foundation to build on, in turn leading them into a career path they may not have realized.”

Learn more about STEM Scouts in the Samoset Council on WAUSAU Daily Herald and then jump to to discover more of what this new program offers students across the country.


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