Why This Eagle Scout Project Could Save Lives

Scouts perform live-saving feats in the blink of an eye. But rescuing others from immediate life or death situations isn’t the only way Scouts are saving lives – they are thinking ahead before disaster strikes too.

Eagle Scout Nathan C. spearheaded an Eagle Scout project designed to make the Little Miami River a safer place for his community to canoe and kayak.

In partnership with the local fire department, the Eagle secured locator signs on every county bridge across 13 miles of the river. These signs will help people identify their location in case of emergency.

“That could be the difference between someone drowning, someone getting hypothermia,” Nathan said to Dayton Daily News. “Hopefully it will make a big difference in someone’s life.”

The Eagle always aspired to make a difference in his community, but his inspiration for the project rooted from his friend Scout Connor C., who died of a heart condition at age 11 five years ago. 

As a tribute to his friend, Nathan adorned Connor’s name on every sign.

“It was very emotional for me,” Connor’s mother, Jill said. “The good thing, though, is I can see him living on and being proud with what Nathan’s doing — that’s more important.”

Learn more about how this Eagle’s life-saving project was inspired by his friend Connor by visiting Dayton Daily News for the full story and check out ABC22‘s video clip below.


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